When a teacher requests a volunteer, they specify what topic they'd like to be presented. The SIFMA Foundation provides volunteer presentations (FINRA Reviewed), which share meaningful, relevant content with students. Some of our partnering firms may require their volunteers to use their own firm's financial education materials.  In these cases, teachers and volunteers will review these together to determine which is the best fit for their class.

Getting Started with SMG

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What are Capital Markets?

(Part one of a series of four that includes brief videos and PowerPoint presentations for Middle and for High School Groups)
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What is a Stock?

PowerPoint for all age groups
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Buy Sell or Hold?

PowerPoint for Elementary and Middle School
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Buy Sell or Hold?

PowerPoint for High School
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Other Useful SMG Resources

SMG Essential Mini-Lessons

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SMG Glossary

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Sara’s Weekly Opening Bell

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Additional Resources from SIFMA

Capital Markets in the US

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Project: Invested

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Proxy Resource Center

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FINRA Review Letters
for Firm’s Internal
Compliance review

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FINRA Review Approval letters for Classroom Powerpoints
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FINRA Review Approval letters for SMG Essential Mini Lessons