Educator Registration & Volunteer Request

In the next several screens, please tell us about yourself and your school (Educator Registration) and give us the details of your volunteer request (Request Volunteer). When you have completed these two steps, you will be prompted to create a login account so you may track the progress of your request.
Professional Info
School / Organization Info

Please provide the physical address at your primary work location.

Alternate Contact Info

We request this so that we can remain in touch with you in the event your organization affiliation should change.

Request Info
Identify whether you want an in-class volunteer (In Person) and/or a virtual volunteer via video-chat connection (Video Chat). You may select just one or multiple request types for this engagement.
Scheduling Info
To increase your chance of being selected by a volunteer, please provide three potential dates and times that work within your school’s schedule. To allow your volunteer adequate time to secure their firm's approval, the earliest date you may request is three weeks from today, though we encourage offering as much time as possible.
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Classroom Details
IIF supports SMG educators. If you are not yet registered for a game session this school year, please go to to do so now and return to us to complete your volunteer request.
Please indicate which SMG session you are participating in (Fall Competitive, Fall Enrichment, Spring Competitive, Spring Enrichment or Year-Long). Also please provide some detail about your class, understanding that the more you share, the more likely it is that a volunteer will select your request. Don't hesitate to share your classroom’s top 5 SMG-related questions.